Mister Jill is a contracting firm that designs and builds interiorprojects for shops, hotels, restaurants, cafés and public buildings. Design, production quality, speed and client service are all-important. In all the years of it's existence, Mister Jill has not missed one single opening day.


The vital importance of differentiation

From one-man-shops to multinationals, in the Benelux and France (Mister Jill's hunting grounds), literally thousands of companies compete with each other in a very specific market: commercial interior design. For a firm like Mister Jill, it is vital to differentiate itself from the competition and to define it's position in the market very clearly. 


Digging deep to find crystal clear positioning

C+H developed the basic communication strategy, the firm's 'inspirational dream' (The Architecture of Seduction) and a very atypical logo (Mister Jill himself, the deerman). Deerman exemplifies all Mr. Jill's basic qualities: he knows all about wood(s), he likes design and he is very client-oriented.

Taking the operation even further, communicating on an almost daily basis with our client, C+H defined the companies market proposition (commercial interior design from A to Z, or van B to C) and the services needed to make that proposition possible (analysis, budgetting, design, production, installation, decoration, logistics and warehousing). Today, Mister Jill keeps a strong position in the market, clearly differentiated from the competition, supported by well defined values that are important to the customers. 


From brand to visual identity

After launching the brand Mister Jill, the company asked for our consultancy in designing it's own offices, basic furniture and it's van exteriors. In close collaboration with Mister Jill's own design team, we made sure every detail of the company's visual identity sung it's tune in close harmony with the basic brand identity.

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